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Celebrating Liturgica Music


Spritual Growth

In the historic Christian tradition, spiritual growth and development takes place under the guidance of a spiritual father or mother. There are many historic sources (the Desert Fathers, Early Christian Fathers, etc.), Eastern and Western monastic sources, etc., many of which are available on our Spiritual Growth page. What we make available here are two fundamental articles on the basics of Christian spirituality.

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Listed below are other links of interest in the general subject of liturgical worship and theology in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Please note that by clicking one of these links you will leave and transfer to that site. Any browser problems that may develop are beyond our control. If you have suggestions for other links to be listed, please contact us at

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Other Sources for Liturgical Books and Music carries a selection of relevant books and recordings on the subject of liturgics, liturgical music and spirituality. There is, of course, a much broader selection of books available. Listed below are other book and music publishers.

Eighth Day Books offers an extraordinary selection of classics in theology, liturgy and patristics, as well as hundreds of titles in spirituality, cultural criticism, literature, science and philosophy. Visit them on the web at

Conciliar Press, a department of the Antiochian Orthodox Church of America, publishes a monthly magazine, books in various subject areas, and a variety of music and other products. Visit them on the web at

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Judaic Music and Liturgics

Cambridge University Library: On-line Genizah database, including images of many old manuscripts.

Center for Judaic Studies Library: A to Z index: A huge index of on-line Jewish resource of all kinds, including a variety of medieval material.

Judaism 101: an overview of Judaism written for the average person

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Roman Catholic Music and Liturgics

Brandeis University: Online exhibit with text of the Book of Hours manuscript.

Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant

Cantus Planus Archive: includes inventories of representative medieval manuscripts of chant for the Mass.

Gregorian Chant Home Page at Princeton, maintained by Peter Jeffrey

La Trobe University Library Medieval Music Database: a treasure trove of medieval musical manuscripts for the mass (indexed)

LITURGY is a web site operated by Fr. Bosco Peters in New Zealand, serving individuals and communities seeking to have worship and spirituality that is vital, transforming, and faithful. The website has resources for spirituality, eucharist, liturgy, and worship that works for individuals and communities and is vital, transforming, and faithful. Learn more at:

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Eastern Orthodox Music and Liturgics

Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of America Home Page

Byzantium; Byzantine Studies on the Internet: Fordham Universities page for Byzantine studies.

Cappella Romana: an early music chorale based in the Northwest, and founded in 1991, Cappella Romana is a vocal chamber ensemble dedicated to combining passion with scholarship in its continuing exploration of the musical traditions of the Christian West and East, with emphasis on early and contemporary music. Its name is derived from the medieval concept of the Roman oikoumene (inhabited world), which included not only "Old" Rome and Western Europe but also "New Rome" (Constantinople) and its commonwealth of Slavic and Syriac countries.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North American survey article of Byzantine Chant:

The religious and cultural treasures of Mount Athos can be accessed through the Athos Digital Heritage platform at:

Monumenta Musicae Byzantium: a collection of images, manuscripts and lectionaries at

Musica Russica,, specializes in the publication and dissemination of Russian Orthodox liturgical music in printed editions designed for both the Russian and non-Russian user. All its musical editions contain text in Cyrillic and phonetics, as well as critical commentary in Russian and English. The CD catalog aims to be one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date collections anywhere on the web, and contains reviews and ratings of the discs. In addition to sheet music and CDs, Musica Russica publishes the "Monuments of Russian Sacred Music," a comprehensive, on-going series of scholarly musical editions in handsome, hardbound volumes.

Orthodox Church in America Home Page

Psalm: Pan-Orthodox Society for Advancement of Liturgical Music

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Monastic Links (Eastern and Western)

Abbey of Our Lady of Senanque: a recently restored monastic house in Provence, France. This 12th century monastery and property was sacked and then confiscated by the state during the French Revolution, but the property was subsequently purchased and returned to the Church where ultimately the monastery was restored, most recently in 1998. If you own the recording "12th Century Cistercian Chant Monodies" by Marcel Peres and the Ensemble Organum (click here to find this in our web store) you have seen the cloister of this monastery. To visit the English version of this site, click on the URL listed below, then roll your mouse over "Accueil" in the top menu bar. If you keep your mouse on "Accueil", you'll see several country options — click on Great Britain. You'll also find links to many other monastic and Catholic sites under "Liens", then "Sites Chretiens."

Abbey of Solesmes: mainly knows as the center of the revitalization and codification of Gregorian Chant, this monastery in western France was founded in 1833.

Hilander Project: largest collection of Slavic medieval manuscripts.

Mount Athos: the Holy Mountain, Mount Athos, is a peninsula in Greece that houses 20 monasteries and is considered the spiritual center of monasticism in the Christian East. This site provides an overview of each monastery and its history.

Our Lady of Balamand Monastery: a center of radiance for the Orthodox faith for four centuries, this monastery of the Antiochian Orthodox Patriarchate acquired a great number of icons, manuscripts, and liturgical objects. Its two churches are decorated with rich iconostases and icons reflecting the diversity of styles.

St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai: the monastery built by the Emperor Justinian at the site of the burning bush. Besides its long history of spirituality, it contains ancient manuscripts and some of the oldest icons in Christendom.

The Philotheou Monastery Project: history and information on this Athonite monastery and its manuscripts.

Valaam Monastery: the official site of the Valaam Monastery, among the most revered monastic centers in Russia. Located in Lake Ladoga in northern Russia, and undergoing a physical renovation and spiritual revival, this monastery is responsible for the development and continuity of Valaam Chant, a specific Russian chant form.

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Other Links of Interest

Covenant Arts offers personalized Holy Bibles in King James Version and Catholic New American in both English and Spanish. Perfect gifts for weddings, christenings, first communions, born again celebrations, and anniversaries. They also make great family heirlooms. Visit them on the web at In Search of Truth and Wisdom. We are an Orthodox Christian web site that has been launched in order to help spread the Orthodox Faith and Truths and also provide news, information, and commentary from a conservative Christian perspective to both Orthodox and non-Orthodox visitors. Visit

Gallery Byzantium: A beautiful website selling what is perhaps the largest selection of "exquisitely handcrafted heirloom jewelry designed in the Early Christian, Byzantine and Slavic aesthetic tradition."

Orthodox TV: Pan-Orthodox Christian internet television and radio broadcasting, streaming online.

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