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Celebrating Liturgica Music


Liturgical music is some of the most beautiful and moving music ever created. It is the most meaningful and substantial because of its subject: the living and loving God Who created all things. This is why it touches us so deeply, and draws us into its mysterious and spiritual motion and depth.

At, our goal is to help you understand the origins and development of liturgical worship and the music used in these worship forms over the past millennia. The articles in our Liturgics section are fully referenced and written by experts in their field who have dedicated themselves to the study of liturgical theology and music.

The purpose of is to provide:

  • Information about the history, development and practice of liturgics and liturgical music in the Judeo-Christian milieu.
  • Links to other sites on related subjects.

There has been a renewed interest in sacred or liturgical music in recent years, and liturgical music is necessarily about the sacred. Liturgics, whether as liturgical worship, music, study or prayer, is but the offering back to God of our thanks and praise.