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Welcome. Liturgica.com offers the largest se lection of liturgical music, books and devotional items — and extensive content on the history and development of liturgical worship and music.
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Our Web Store offers recorded music in many sacred styles:

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For Nativity: When Augustus Reigned performed by Romeiko Ensemble at the National Library of Greece

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Seasonal Title
Lenten Journey: Boston Byzantine Choir
BBC's newest release collects hymns from the cycle of Great Lent sung in English.

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Seasonal Title
Great Lent: Choir of Monks of Simonopetra Monastery
Hymns from the cycle of Great Lent, sung in Greek in the classic Simonopetra chant style.

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Seasonal Title
Today Upon the Cross: Romeiko Ensemble
The hymns of Holy Friday on CD and on DVD a re-enactment of the service in the Royal Chapel of Constantinople.

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Seasonal Title
Eucharist: Romeiko Ensemble
Re-release of the glorious recording of Byzantine stichera from 12th century Mt. Sinai manuscripts.

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New Release
Inner River: A Pilgrimage to the Heart of Christian Spirituality - Kyriacos Makrides
Markides once again provides illuminating insight taking us on a thrilling quest into the heart of Christian spirituality and mankind's desire for a transcendent experience of God.
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  Liturgica.com presents a large selection of articles on the history and development of liturgical worship and music in the Judeo-Christian traditions. A wide range of liturgical music, sacred music, books and devotional items can be purchased from the Liturgica Web Store. Books and religious music are available in a variety of categories, including Byzantine chant, Gregorian chant, Old Roman chant, Russian chant, Ambrosian chant, Mozarabic chant, Cistercian chant, Jewish chant, Armenian chant, Coptic chant, Bulgarian chant, Rumanian chant, Medieval sacred music, and Renaissance sacred music. Articles cover Jewish worship, Early Christianity and Christian worship, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Roman Catholic Church.