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Product Information
Angeloglassny Vocal Ensemble Ancient Slavonic Chant
Artist: Angeloglassny Vocal Ensemble
Item number: AL002
Category: Bulgarian
Chant Type: Bulgarian
Language: Church Slavonic
Label: Monitor
Period: Medieval
Length: 46'41
Release date: 1994
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Dostoyno Yest (It Is Truly Meet) MP3  
  2. Kheruvinska Pesen (Cherubic Hymn) MP3  
  3. Voskreseniya Den (The Day of Resurrection) MP3  
  4. Tebe Poyen (We Praise Thee) MP3  
  5. Radouysya Vsechistaya (Rejoice, All Pure One)  
  6. Aniksantar  
  7. Vladkou E Sveshtenonachalnika (Our Master and High Priest preserve O Lord)  
  8. Te-Re-Rem (Finale of Lament of the Bulgarian Woman)  
  9. Dostoyno Yest (It is Truly Meet-Elena Region)  
  10. Angel Vopiyashe (The Angel Cried Out)  
Tanya Christova spent many years researching ancient Bulgarian chants in the libraries of monasteries as well as the archives of churches throughout Bulgaria. Some of these chants were tape recorded directly by chapel singers and monks and then transcribed so that the choir could learn them. Many of these chants sounded quite unusual to those familiar with liturgical music and it took three years of intensive rehearsals before the choir gave its first public performance. Titles in Slavic and English. Notes on the research and performance of the music. No texts.
ReviewBy: Peter Schwalbenberg
For students of ancient liturgical music, and of Paschal hymns in particular, this recording will be of great interest. Though probably not something you'd want to pop into your CD player as background music for dinner guests, this collection of chants is made instructive as the listener reads the liner notes along with the recording. Those familiar with Lenten and Paschal services will notice parallels within the Christian liturgical tradition. Armenian chant is dissimilar to Byzantine chant in its tonality and movement and yet similar in mood and meter. The singers from the Mekhitarist Community of Venice do a commendable job in this live recording.
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